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It’s a Win/Win

watercolor pic

watercolor pic by push the envelope

As I was getting the kids ready to get back to school, I was inspired to clean through some clutter in my home office. While doing this I noticed a large accumulation of my watercolors, sitting, sadly in a pile of papers. These are pieces I did for fun, inspiration for a design job or something for the blog. I don’t want them to continue sitting sadly so I decided to see if anyone was interested. From the looks of my Facebook page, you are interested! If you would like one of these paintings just post a comment here, on my blog with your favorite. I will pick, at random, a winner for each of these three. All I ask of you is to help spread the word about Push the Envelope. This is a one-woman show here and I would love to gather up some more awesome clients as we push through the end of Summer and into Fall. Thanks for helping me grow. Look for more giveaways soon. Winners will be drawn Sunday at 8 pm.

Recently I was asked to design a logo to use in a Missions Celebration. Since there is a major presence in our missions in Peru, Jerusalem, NYC & Boston I created a graphic combining a mountainside & a cityscape. The logo was a big hit and now we are printing cards to give as gifts to friends in Jerusalem. It is exciting to be a part of a trip to Israel even though I am not packing my bags. My husband lived there for a year of grad school and has great stories to tell from his time there.

Jacquard Ribbon on EtsyMy design work has seen the combination of these colors a lot lately. I am not sure why…. but I love it! My retaliation to a surprisingly snowy winter? Maybe. The outdoors has been white & gray for weeks. I know it isn’t time for yellow daffodils yet, so I have found happiness in this little group. Here are some other examples of this awesome power trio. What colors are you seeing everywhere in your world?

custom wrapping paper

Mark Rothko, 1961

I heart glitter

February is here. In my world that means glue, scissors, colored paper & glitter, lots and lots of glitter. My kids are “those” kids. Those kids who never buy Valentine’s cards. The dining room table will be covered in arts & crafts goodness for a good part of the month. I am giddy just writing about it. My four kids usually start out with very detailed, time-consuming designs. The are intricate & customized. But, by the evening of the 13th I have the class lists in my hand, anxious to finish crossing out the names as the cards are completed. I can’t wait to start.glitter basket

write now

One of my new year’s resolutions is to study calligraphy. Here are some amazing samples I found while researching. I am going to buy some supplies this week, pens, ink, brushes. I am so excited! (I am dying to address some dark envelopes in white ink – aah!)