A Night at the Museum – take a look….

Museum Invitation

Museum Invitation by Push the Envelope Design

Anyone up for a fabulous night at the museum, the Marine Corps. Museum? Check out one of my latest invitations Anipots, I wish you could see the shimmer in these gold dust envelopes! I get giddy whenever I pick up my print jobs. These are for a High School formal, I am fortunate to have designed the invitations to this special event for three years in a row!

Thank You Merry, Merry Much – Christmas themed thank you notes are here….

watercolor thank you card

watercolor thank you card

As my mother always said, “Don’t forget to write your thank-you’s!” This was a serious part of holidays and birthdays growing up. I think I even managed to impress my worldly mother-in-law by making the one-year deadline on my wedding notes, whew! So, in the spirit of all of that I present you with these watercolor note cards. They are available to purchase in packs of 10 for $20 including spiffy red envelopes. I will also gift the best games from livesv. They will also be available as a download for $12 so you can print as many as you would like… forever! Not only are these great as thank-you notes, they are also perfect when gifting gift cards or cash to people on your list like teachers, newspaper delivery folks, landscapers or sitters. What do you think? Here is the link to shop online:

Melissa – you are a winner!

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 3.06.32 PMWell, hello there Melissa Waller! Email caroline (at) and let me know your color preference & name you would like for your prize. Thanks for all your kind comments everyone.

Music on Monday is back!


Frank Turner watercolor

Frank Turner watercolor

So, way back when I started a little occasional series with watercolor paintings done using lyrics I am fond of. I had put this series on the back burner for a lot longer than I had liked, with a change in my work schedule. Well, it is finally back. As I have mentioned here before, I love music. I always listen to music when I am painting and designing, even when I am cooking, hanging out and of course driving. My husband (a musician, himself) introduced me to the music of Frank Turner a few years ago. Since he released a new album this Spring I have been listening to it a lot – like a lottttt! (So much so that my kids know when all of the “bad words” come on in his songs.) Oh Frank, he doesn’t just sing, he seems to pour out his soul. This painting contains lyrics to the song Good and Gone… enjoy this video, too!

Win/Win Winners

I loved doing this giveaway, it was fun to read the comments and see your favorites. Erik, Christi & Gayle, you are the winners! Message me your addresses and I will get these babies out in the mail for you… one step closer to a cleaner office – awesome! Look for more giveaways soon….

Party Post

It doesn’t take much to make a small party a little bit extra special. I got word of a get together after hours at my kids’ school, to celebrate a much loved couple, a teacher & administrator. I put together some small posters and stickers to coordinate with the cake and Ta Da – instant party! (I am all about the cheesy puns, how glad am I the school staff has the same sense of humor?)

KenYa help?

Dear friends & family,
This is Abigail Smalley daughter of Dave and Caroline. My parents suggested I write to you because I am planning on going on a mission trip to Mombassa, Kenya at the end of May for two weeks. The mission team is a group of teachers, parents, and 17 students from my high school. We are going to Mikindani Royal Kids School. The kitchen that the school is using now to feed the hundreds of students is in terrible conditions, so that is the main project we’ll be focusing on. Also, the team will be helping teach in the classrooms, playing games and sports with the kids, performing skits, teaching Bible stories, etc. We are bringing donated sports equipment and guitars to leave with the school.

As some of you know my grandpa passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was an Ambassador to Lesotho for many years. During that time, he selflessly helped others. He was an incredible person and I think it would LOVE to leave a legacy like him (and in his honor), so this is my first step! I am so excited to be going but I still am in need of funds for my trip. The travel expenses are very high. If you could consider donating and praying for my trip I couldn’t thank you enough! Our team has a motto of “Love One, Give One.” Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated, no matter the size of the donation.

If you are interested in contributing you can mail a check to me at home (108 Cleremont Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22405 with a check made out to my school, FCS) or you can donate with a credit card through paypal with this link:

Abigail Smalley

P.S. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think would be willing to help!

Kenya Help?

Interested in helping?

Happy March world! We have had some crazy weather here in Virginia. It was 70 degrees over the weekend and then a quick batch of snow kept the kids home from school yesterday. I do love March, it is the gateway to Spring, my favorite season.

This winter and now, moving on to the spring, my daughter is working on a big undertaking. She is planning on joining a group of 17 students from her school on a two-week mission trip to Kenya. They will be helping with a group called E3 Kids at the Royal Kids School. A school that is in need of many hands, hours and dollars. The students will be helping to build a better kitchen to serve the 600+ meals that are made each day as well as working to build a library for the eager students. I put together this logo for the team to use in fundraising, Kenya Help – get it? (Sometimes you need to say these things out loud to giggle). There have been yard sales, pizza sales, babysitting and more to raise the $2,000+ each student needs to get to Kenya. There are car washes and t-shirt sales coming up, too. I am posting a link to a donate if any of you are interested in helping. Please feel free to comment with any encouraging words, those mean as much to her as the donations. Thanks for reading.


sweet reasons

Sweet Reasons card


Kellia's card

Kellia's card

farmers daughter carb by

farmers daughter carb by

Considering the recent state of the economy, there seem to be a lot of small businesses popping up. I am optimistic these are businesses that will thrive since they are backed by tons of enthusiasm and lots of hard work. I am posting some recent logo designs of mine. I am always happy to get behind someone with a dream and a lot of drive. I hope these new companies will be around for a long time.