It’s a Win/Win

watercolor pic

watercolor pic by push the envelope

As I was getting the kids ready to get back to school, I was inspired to clean through some clutter in my home office. While doing this I noticed a large accumulation of my watercolors, sitting, sadly in a pile of papers. These are pieces I did for fun, inspiration for a design job or something for the blog. I don’t want them to continue sitting sadly so I decided to see if anyone was interested. From the looks of my Facebook page, you are interested! If you would like one of these paintings just post a comment here, on my blog with your favorite. I will pick, at random, a winner for each of these three. All I ask of you is to help spread the word about Push the Envelope. This is a one-woman show here and I would love to gather up some more awesome clients as we push through the end of Summer and into Fall. Thanks for helping me grow. Look for more giveaways soon. Winners will be drawn Sunday at 8 pm.

Back to the books

Like many of you, we are prepping for the start of school. My kids have had 3 full days back. My oldest daughter and I spent some time this weekend customizing and color-coding her binders and notebooks. She is entering her Junior year – not quite sure how that happened because it wasn’t that long ago that her stuffed animal frog¬†snuck off to Kindergarten with her…. but anyway, she is planning on a busy, busy year and wanted to get off to an organized & stylish start. We started by printing out a copy of a recent painting and fitting it into one of her binders. She loved that look so we manipulated the photo to create multiple color schemes for each class. Here are a few. Working with daughter #2 this evening to created her look. Enjoy & here’s to a great school year!

summer camp

I spent some wonderful weeks at summer camp. The traditional, all-girl, canoes & archery kind of camp. Just like the one in the movie “The Parent Trap”. ¬†Now, more than a couple of decades later my girls are planning to head back to that same camp this summer. I am also working on a re-order of camp stationery for this same camp. Here is a preview of their order for the summer of ’10. Anybody making summer plans already?

5, 4, 3, 2…

Let’s give this a try, shall we. I have started this blog as a way of sharing more of my design work and my inspirations.

A recent client looking for coordinating invitations to a bridal shower & karaoke bachelorette night.