Collection Agency

I’ve been reading the amazing book “The Happiness Project”. It is such an eye-opener, a refreshing take on a simple-sounding goal. The author, Gretchen Rubin discussed the idea of having something to collect. She says: “For that matter, having a collection of any sort is a very popular way to have a mission. You get the little zap of satisfaction whenever you find another piece of blue sea glass on the beach or another out-of-print book by Charlotte Yonge. Or you collect experiences, like attending a game in every Major League Baseball stadium or running in as many marathons as possible.”

I love that idea. It got me thinking about my home & my family. Do you have a collection? Do any of your family members collect things or experiences int his way? One of my daughters’ first & middle initials are “A”, she was guided into a collection of this letter by my sister-in-law , who collects all things “M”. I love this. As a designer I am drawn to typography, color & shape. Here is a recent photo of Abigail’s “A” wall. Her siblings and friends often think of this collection at gift-giving times. I think it will be with her for a long time!