Kenya Help?

Interested in helping?

Happy March world! We have had some crazy weather here in Virginia. It was 70 degrees over the weekend and then a quick batch of snow kept the kids home from school yesterday. I do love March, it is the gateway to Spring, my favorite season.

This winter and now, moving on to the spring, my daughter is working on a big undertaking. She is planning on joining a group of 17 students from her school on a two-week mission trip to Kenya. They will be helping with a group called E3 Kids at the Royal Kids School. A school that is in need of many hands, hours and dollars. The students will be helping to build a better kitchen to serve the 600+ meals that are made each day as well as working to build a library for the eager students. I put together this logo for the team to use in fundraising, Kenya Help – get it? (Sometimes you need to say these things out loud to giggle). There have been yard sales, pizza sales, babysitting and more to raise the $2,000+ each student needs to get to Kenya. There are car washes and t-shirt sales coming up, too. I am posting a link to a donate if any of you are interested in helping. Please feel free to comment with any encouraging words, those mean as much to her as the donations. Thanks for reading.