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Adele lyrics,

Adele lyrics,

Adele lyrics

Really, who doesn’t love Adele? She is an incredible talent. A singer, songwriter, classic beauty. I have played the heck out of her most recent album and I am not even close to putting it away for a break. Enjoy this recent watercolor, feel free to print it out and enjoy.


Happy New Year everyone! I am still working on packing up Christmas. It is tough having my busiest weeks for my business running from Thanksgiving weekend through to Christmas. We got our decorations up a little late this year, so I am not too eager to pack it up right away. Just wanted to let all of you know I will get back into the Music Monday series. It was great fun & it seems lots of you like they paintings so far. We’ll see what is in store for next week. feel free to continue to send me suggestions here or via Twitter & Facebook.


Santa stuck some cute earrings in my stocking this year. I was happy to wear these babies all day on New Years Eve to bring in the good luck for 2012. {I think Santa did a little shopping at Furbish this year!}

Music on Monday – Bob Mould

Bob Mould

Bob Mould

Like many, I was so sad when Hüsker Dü broke up in 1988. I was a sophomore in college and their music was the soundtrack to so many of those days and nights. When Bob Mould’s solo album, Workbook, came out the next year, I was full-force into art school in Boston and he had me from the first glance of the cover. I was working on some Joseph Cornell-inspired box collages at the time and was taken with the similar artwork on his CD. Enjoy this little trinket. It is also the title of Bob’s recent memoir, I just finished it and have put it on my gift list for a few friends this Christmas. Feel free to click on the image and print your own. If you are interested in buying the original (approx. 4″ x 15″) just let me know. As a few of you have asked, I would gladly paint out a favorite lyric or quote for you. Maybe a wedding song as an anniversary gift? Favorite quote for a new apartment wall?

Music on Monday – Oasis

I am ready with week 2 of Music on Mondays. I was on an Oasis kick while working this week. They had their highs and lows as a band but always came through with clever and inspiring lyrics. I am also loving Noel Gallagher’s new solo songs. Feel free to click on the image and print your own copy. Email me if you are interested in buying the original watercolor. Cheers!

Holiday Party (Rock Anthem)

Now that we are well into November get ready for the holiday invitations to start to fill your mailbox. Here is one I finished last week. This is an annual party, the family likes to stick with blue & green for the invitations, take a look at this year’s invitation.

lime, teal & evergreen

There is a trend going on with my custom orders this week. Take a look at this color trio. I am sure I will be working them into lots of holiday orders this season. It is Christmas-y while still being on trend with fashion & home decor.

October Update

So, I am a lame blogger. Really I am a designer and artist, this blog was supposed to be a way to share my inspiration & ideas. At the moment is a way to update the world on my latest work and projects. Thanks for checking it out. Here are a couple of new Christmas card designs and some recent paintings. The butterfly was my ‘back to school’ project after getting the kiddos back in the groove last month. It is quite large  and hanging over our couch. Enjoy!

Twin Time

I’ve found myself in the midst of a a couple of clients with a couple of little kiddos. Recently I designed a birth announcement for Lauren & Pete’s new identical twin boys. This was followed up with a birthday party invitation for soon-to-be one year old girls. I customized these with sketches based on some of the characteristics of these families. Kraft envelopes & custom mailing labels round out these projects. I am so happy with how they turned out. Celebrate X2!

Collection Agency

I’ve been reading the amazing book “The Happiness Project”. It is such an eye-opener, a refreshing take on a simple-sounding goal. The author, Gretchen Rubin discussed the idea of having something to collect. She says: “For that matter, having a collection of any sort is a very popular way to have a mission. You get the little zap of satisfaction whenever you find another piece of blue sea glass on the beach or another out-of-print book by Charlotte Yonge. Or you collect experiences, like attending a game in every Major League Baseball stadium or running in as many marathons as possible.”

I love that idea. It got me thinking about my home & my family. Do you have a collection? Do any of your family members collect things or experiences int his way? One of my daughters’ first & middle initials are “A”, she was guided into a collection of this letter by my sister-in-law , who collects all things “M”. I love this. As a designer I am drawn to typography, color & shape. Here is a recent photo of Abigail’s “A” wall. Her siblings and friends often think of this collection at gift-giving times. I think it will be with her for a long time!

Mother’s Day is coming…..

… don’t forget your mom. My mother is fantastic. She really is my guidebook to motherhood. Also, I admire & respect her as a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She can be a difficult person to buy a gift for, though. Clothes, she has lots… Books, she is constantly reading and we pass recommendations back and forth all the time, flowers, she has a gorgeous garden full…. But I know this prayer is a favorite of hers so I have painted a little piece for her to hang up in her house or her office. Hope you all enjoy it. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, too!