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Rainy Days and Mondays (or Tuesdays)

I was driving to D.C. on Sunday night in the rain. I thought about complaining about it, slow traffic, flood watch, no umbrella, but then I took a second and looked through my windshield at the rain. The way the lights shined & sparkled in the rain was a stunning site. I looked in my purse to see if I had my camera… nope. It just took a second to stop myself from being negative and really see the beauty in the night. I tried to find some images online that captured what I saw that night. here are some.

I love animal prints, in moderation. An example are the leopard print ballet flats I have, I have bought & worn out 3 pairs. Just a little touch of sass. I have been eyeing a lot of zebra rugs over the last couple of years. Is it too late to jump on this bandwagon or is this a classic? Thoughts, concerns?

write now

One of my new year’s resolutions is to study calligraphy. Here are some amazing samples I found while researching. I am going to buy some supplies this week, pens, ink, brushes. I am so excited! (I am dying to address some dark envelopes in white ink – aah!)

5, 4, 3, 2…

Let’s give this a try, shall we. I have started this blog as a way of sharing more of my design work and my inspirations.

A recent client looking for coordinating invitations to a bridal shower & karaoke bachelorette night.